Before and After

My Style Rules has helped over one million women master the art of dressing for their body type - and gaining the confidence that was always waiting to come out. Whether you are plus-sized, petite, twenty or sixty, the beauty of our tool is that it’s made for everyone.

Niffer Clarke


“Before, it was about covering up. I was so self-conscious about hiding my “flaws” — rather than defining myself. Which is a perfect parallel for all of my life. Hiding versus defining. That’s really what it’s all about.

Suzette helped me see how defining myself and my style, was about me taking part in my life. Becoming Me. Going from bland, safe colors to vibrant, energetic colors that reflect who I really am. Going from designs that cover up or are functional and one-style-fits-all to defining a style that expresses ME!

Now, I find I don’t worry about it. My mind isn’t distracted by “What do I look like?”, “Does this look okay?”, “Is this what I want people to see?” I feel like me!”

- Niffer Clarke

Cheryl s


”I’m hard to fit because I am only 4’10”. Before Suzette and MyStyleRules, I defaulted to baggy clothes that were too big for me. Now I know that I can find clothes that fit well and even make me look taller! I started following Suzette’s rules almost a year ago and I am still getting compliments from my husband and my friends all the time.”
-Cheryl s
Sage P


“I am a larger size than most fashion deals with in what I considered a cute way, so resorted to wearing t-shirts and capri pants. Who knew I was making myself look shorter and heavier?? Thanks to learning the correct rules through My Style Rules, I can now shop with confidence, and find outfits that are still comfortable but make me look thinner and younger. Thanks Suzette!”
- Sage P.
Lauren P

20 Something's

“I have always had a funky sensibility when it comes to clothes, but didn't know if my Street Style worked or not. I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing or how to look good. After My Style Rules, I now know what shapes look best on me. I start there, then add my own personality. It's so much fun!”
-Lauren P

Weight Loss

“I lost 40 lbs. and didn't know how to dress my 'new' body. Suzette's tips and tricks gave me wonderful insights and helped more than I thought possible. I now have direction, confidence, and feel slim and trim (and look years younger!) in my new look. I had always hated clothes shopping. Now I love it and am having so much fun!”

Sarah Southerland

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me this past weekend discovering what works for me and what doesn't. Randy, my husband, was very excited and wanted me to model everything! He totally agrees with you!”

Lori North

“I would like to reach out and say thank you so much for the advice and understanding of how “My Style Rules!” You provided me with many new ways of thinking when it comes to looking my best, it’s a real eye opener to know your body type and dress accordingly. Now when I look in my closet, I see my style differently “creating curves” is the new goal for my square body type!”