Know Your Body Type and How to Dress

Our bodies change constantly. That’s why we’re here. We know how easy it is to feel the frump. As a member of the MyStyleRules community, you’ll create your own 3D model, enter a private dressing room, and ‘try on’ all the best options for your body type. See for yourself what to wear and what not to wear on YOUR body and instantly feel slimmer, trimmer and younger.
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Learn the Art of dressing for your Body Shape

No more awkward dressing rooms. No more second-guessing.
Look good every time, all the time.
Create your virtual model

1. Create Your Virtual Model in less than 90 seconds

Enter your Dressing Room

2. Enter your Private Dressing Room

Instantly ‘try on’ clothes and get designer advice about What to Wear and What Not to Wear.

Unlimited Access

3. Unlimited Access. Unlimited Possibilities. Any Occasion.

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We’ve already helped one million women master the art of dressing for their body type. Will you be next?

From the mouths of "babes"…

Lauren P Lauren P
“I have always had a funky sensibility when it comes to clothes, but didn't know if my Street Style worked or not. I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing or how to look good. After My Style Rules, I now know what shapes look best on me. I start there, then add my own personality. It's so much fun!”
Niffer Clarke Niffer Clarke
“Before, it was about covering up. Suzette helped me see how defining my style was about me taking part in my life. Going from bland, safe colors and designs that cover up to vibrant, energetic colors and design that reflect who I really am.  Now I find I don’t worry about it — my mind isn’t distracted by “what do I look like?”, “does this look okay?”, “is this what I want people to see?” I feel like me!”