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"Fill your closet with clothes that you love and you will always feel beautiful"
Suzette Pare
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From the mouths of "babes"…
Lauren P
“I have always had a funky sensibility when it comes to clothes, but didn't know if my Street Style worked or not. I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing or how to look good. After My Style Rules, I now know what shapes look best on me. I start there, then add my own personality. It's so much fun!”
Niffer Clarke
“Before, it was about covering up. Suzette helped me see how defining my style was about me taking part in my life. Going from bland, safe colors and designs that cover up to vibrant, energetic colors and design that reflect who I really am.  Now I find I don’t worry about it — my mind isn’t distracted by “what do I look like?”, “does this look okay?”, “is this what I want people to see?” I feel like me!”

Meet the Founder

"As a costume designer for over 25 years, I know a few things about the right hemline, the perfect collar, the ideal cut. I know our clothes should work for us, not against us. Yet too many women have closets full of clothing that leave them feeling unsure or less than beautiful. I created My Style Rules to help women everywhere finally find their perfect fit, so they can feel confident in how they look. You deserve that - we all do! What are you waiting for? Go get fabulous!”