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Suzette Pare I was thirteen years old, an insecure 8th grader, when my aunt said this to my mom, "She's getting quite a shape on her." Those were her exact words. What did I hear? "She has a big butt." As a result, I spent the next 20 years hiding my curves instead of appreciating them, telling myself that my body was ugly and misshapen, and generally feeling pretty crappy about myself.

It wasn't until my costume design career was flourishing, and actresses were begging me to take them shopping that I started to see how beautiful all women (myself included!) can be, no matter what their body shape, color or size.

As women, our self image and body image are strongly connected. What we see when we look in the mirror has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. It makes my heart sing to see the glow in a woman's face when she feels beautiful from the inside out.

That's why I created this site. I want you to feel as if you have an award winning designer helping you get dressed every day. It's important to all of us to feel pretty and sexy, so we wanted to give you a place where you can play 'dress up' in a fitting room without anyone watching.

So enjoy! Have fun creating your model and 'trying on clothes'. Pay attention to the carefully chosen items that our affiliates have for sale. Each one is handpicked by our designers with your specific body shape in mind.

Most importantly, give yourself a break. You are an amazing, lovely person who has much to give, and if I, in any way, can help you see that, my time on this earth has mattered greatly. And that means more to me than you can imagine.

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